About me!

My New Blog Name

Hi y’all, long time no see! So after a few weeks of brainstorming, I decided to change my blog name from ‘Good Times Never Seem So Good’ to ‘Tender Loving Caroline’. There are a few reasons for this change. First of all, I realized that I wasn’t thinking clearly when I first named my blog back in 2018. I didn’t think about the copyright laws associated with using lyrics to a popular song and to get ahead of any potential issues related to this, I decided a name change was in order. I also have been evaluating what my blog means to me and what I want to accomplish. First and foremost, this blog is a safe space for me to share important topics in a constructive and positive way. There are so many things I am bursting to share with the world and this is my outlet to make it happen. I wanted a new name that would help me showcase this. I wanted something catchy that would also tell people what to expect when they visit my sight.

Suddenly, after making a list of 50+ name options, Tender Loving Caroline came to mind. Not only does this represent the kind of person I want to be, but I believe it also embodies the feeling I want anyone who visits my blog to experience. I am so happy with this change and I can’t wait to continue to share myself with the world.

I would like to thank Em, Halie, and MJ for listening to me ramble about the changes I want to make and for giving me their honest opinions and support. They are the real MVPs and I am so grateful to have friends like them.

I hope everyone is staying as safe and healthy as they can during this time. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a little TLC every once in a while.