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An Open Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Caroline,

Be proud of how weird you are. The fact that you are outgoing and observant is a strength that you need to hold onto as you get older. One piece of advice though, please stop over straightening your bangs and smearing eyeliner on your eyes every chance you get. Just stop. And fun fact, once you hit puberty, your hair is going to become curly and it’s going to be a huge part of how you present yourself to the world. Also, you should learn how to do liquid liner on your top eyelid because it makes you look a lot more fierce than only having eyeliner on the bottom. It’s going to become your signature when you wear makeup.

You are not fat. You are so beautiful. Your body is changing in a way you don’t understand. At this time, you are the only one in your class who is curvy so it makes sense you don’t understand why you don’t look like everyone else. Your teachers and principal will fat shame you and that’s never okay. Luckily, you have amazing friends who are on your side and will never make you feel less than you are. This experience will make yourself view your body in a negative way but it will pave the way for you to see the beauty in yourself and your size. Your body is what takes you places and helps you experience the beauty and wonderful things in life. How could you hate something that is so awesome?

You had a tough time in elementary and middle school. You feel confused about who and what to believe and it scares you at times. Just know that this is the beginning of you seeing yourself as a free thinker. This pushed you to search deep down and discover your values and beliefs. You are going to find some incredible friends and teachers who will help you on your journey and will help to better understand your faith and your place in the world. This is so hard right now but I promise you it gets better and it is such a relief to know this.

You have such an incredible, loving and supportive family. They are the foundation you are built upon. Never forget to appreciate them and tell them how much they mean to you. Every journey you take in life, you have had your family’s support and encouragement and looking back, it is a huge reason as to why you are successful. You will always be able to count on them for a pep-talk and brutal honesty (even when you aren’t in the mood to hear it). Never forget how lucky you are.

You are privileged. You never had to worry about having a roof over your head or if you were going to eat. You always had a room to yourself. You’ve always had plenty of blankets to keep you warm and clothing to protect you. You always got new school supplies each year and you got to go on plenty of other shopping sprees. You got to try out every activity you wanted because your parents encouraged you to try new things. Always remember this. And remember to take that privilege and speak out for those who are not. Speak out when you see injustice and things that just aren’t right. Speak out against those who want to keep those living in poverty impoverished. Speak out against those who don’t believe that #blacklivesmatter. Continue to love your neighbor and use your voice for the greater good.

Remember what Ghandi said. “Be the change you want to see in the world”.