About Me

Caroline Sylvia

Blogger, Cat Lady, Cheese Enthusiast

I am a recent college grad with a lot on my mind! I want to create a positive and informative space for my readers. There’s so much that I want to write about and share with the world that my blog has become a hub for me to create content related to topics such as theatre, body positivity, mental health, and creativity. The world we live in can seem scary at times and if I can contribute something to help people, I know I’m doing the right thing. I was thinking a lot about what I wanted this blog to be about and I realized that in a way, theatre, body positivity, mental health, and creativity are all related in some way. I’ve seen first hand how all of these are intertwined and I want to shed a light on how all of this has affected my life for better or worse.

I hold my bachelors in Theatre from DeSales University where my primary focus was on stage management. In addition to stage managing and blogging, I am obsessed with all things skin care and my wonderful pets.

Email me: carolinev.sylvia17@gmail.com

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